KTL/E-Coated Paint Finish

Here at Tow-Trust Towbars Ltd we place a large emphasis on quality from start to finish. In a world where financial constraints have resulted in most companies trying to cheapen their manufacturing process, Tow-Trust made the conscious decision to do exactly the opposite. Through massive investments, Tow-Trust now feel confident to boast that we offer the best designed and neatest fitting towbars available on the UK market. The final piece of this jigsaw was finding a paint coating finish to complement our  product which offers the same premium qualities.

Tow-Trust are the first UK manufacturer to make the switch to the cathodic-dip coating process (KTL coating or more commonly known as E-coating) as this paint solution provides a far more durable alternative when compared to standard powder coated or primer finished products that are still commonly sold by most UK and European manufacturers. Despite this you will still find that all other manufacturers lay claim to the quality of their paint coating finish but the true facts are simple.

The E coating process is one which has been commonly adopted throughout the automotive industry with roughly 95% of world car production now using this coating method. The reasons why Tow-Trust have followed suit and implemented this coating process into our range is due to its high corrosion resistance and excellent aesthetic qualities when compared to other coating methods that are still being used by other manufacturers. From our experience, these alternative means of coating have simply not been acceptable in terms of offering lasting performance.

Towbars are consistently open to the harsh elements of the day to day environment and such problems include dramatic differences in weather patterns between seasons and the poor quality of UK roads. This often means standard primer or powder coated towbars become 'rust magnets'. Customers who want the optimum in anti-chip and anti-rust protection will now need to look no further than the Tow-Trust manufactured product safe in the knowledge that it has been made to offer the best solution to such problems. Our products are coated to provide corrosion protection for up to 1200 hours in salt spray test conditions and this offers a far more durable and lasting paint performance than any alternative offered by most of our competitors. Please see below our paint corrosion certificate confirming its performance qualities.

Managing Director of Tow-Trust Towbars Ltd, Ian Miller, commented on this unique advantage of buying a Tow-Trust product. The introduction of this coating process is a further step in the right direction towards establishing Tow-Trust Towbars as the leading manufacturer of towbars in the UK. We have invested heavily in our manufacturing and design process in recent years and are determined to continue with our philosophy of supplying our customers with premium quality products.The final factor was sourcing the best coating process and our towbars will now offer the ultimate in anti-rust / anti-chip protection and leave our customers in no doubt that they have chosen the correct towbar to fit'.

Should you want an in depth understanding of the e-coating process please visit the news and download section for a comprehensive description.

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