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Tow Trust Towbars is the UK's largest Towbar manufacturer, manufacturing Towbars for almost every vehicle on the road, we design, test and manufacture all products at our midlands site using only the highest quality materials and using the very latest technology.    

PRO-STEP is the ultimate access solution for your vehicle, light in weight, heavy duty in design and manufactured from the highest quality materials.  

PRO-PARK is a OEM parking sensor relocation kit, designed to be fitted into PRO-STEP, this takes the original sensor from the vehicle, allows it to be relocated into our very own Tow Trust carrier, then bespoke wiring looms connect back to the vehicle. 

PRO-TOW is the UK's strongest coupling range. All PRO-TOW coupling are tested to be the very highest standard, all 2 bolt coupling can be used on a 5500kg gross vehicle weight giving 3500kg towing capacity, this is an industry leading standard.

PRO-TECT is the UK's largest brand of REG58.02 & 58.03 Type Approved under run protection devices. Suitable for N2 & N3 category vehicles, available in Towing and non towing variants. 


All Tow-Trust Products are designed in house using thelatest 3D CAD software. Our highly skilled team design every product beforerunning them through Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to ensure it can withstandthe loads intended. Upon completion of this stage the product moves on to ourpre-production software stage, which simulates the manufacturing process, toensure we are capable of manufacturing the product to the desired standard.


Tow-Trust Towbars has one of the most advanced on-site testcentres in the industry. All newly designed towbars are placed on either thesingle axis or the state-of-the-art CARLOS test machine. The single axis testmachine is a 2,000,000 (million) cycle fatigue test and is mandatory for allnewly designed towbars that are due for release. The CARLOS test, which is anOEM standard 93-hour real life towing simulation, is an optional test thatutilises three actuators to push and pull the towball in multiple directionssimilar to the loads your towbar will experience when fitted.  Tow-Trustare one of the few manufacturers in Europe that choose to test in this mannerdue to its difficulty to secure a pass but by doing so we know that a passassures a well made product. When choosing a Tow-Trust Towbar you do so safe inthe knowledge that it is approved beyond the standard required of it.


Tow-Trust operates a continuous improvement plan for itsmanufacturing plant. This means that we place huge importance on the investmentin the latest technology for each area of production from the sheet steeldivision right through to the packing department for finished goods. Continual upgrades to plant machinery results in improvements to productquality, accuracy and manufacturing efficiency. A close relationship withBystronic sees us utilising their state of the art fiber lasers and  3D controlled6 axis press brakes, as well as a custom-built automated bending cell androbotic welding cells.  State of the art machinery is only half of thestory though as a large, skilled workforce are the back-bone of the productionplant producing consistent quality. Quality control managers in each departmentcheck products at regular points of the production process to help us guaranteethat your safety critical product is manufactured to the highest standard.

Paint Finish

Tow-Trust use the cathodic-dip coating process (KTL coatingor more commonly known as E-coating) as our choice of paint solution for allproducts manufactured in-house. 

The E coating process is one which hasbeen commonly adopted throughout the automotive industry with roughly 95% ofworld car production now using this method. It offers high corrosion resistanceand excellent aesthetic qualities when compared to alternative methods such aspowder coat or primer finishes.  This is crucial given that Towbars areconsistently subjected to the harsh elements of the day to day environmentwhere seasonal changes in weather, road salt, damage from stone chips and wearand tear from general usage make towbars the prime candidate for rust. E-Coatprovides the necessary paint protection that is crucial in preserving thelong-term aesthetic appearance of your towbar.  All Tow-Trust manufacturedproducts are supported by a corrosion protection certificate for up to 1200hours in salt spray test conditions. 


Now to answer the most difficult question in the manufactureand supply of towbars – how do you get a heavy, awkward shaped, metal productfrom us to you damage free.  This is certainly not easy but neverthelessis something that we are confident we have mastered.  Small components arebubble wrapped and metal items zip-tied together prior to being packaged in aninternal box that is designed to limit movement whilst inside the outerbox.  High grade cardboard is used to provide a structure suitable fortransporting the product safely.  After being quality control checked, afinal weight check is performed to ensure all parts are contained within thetowbar box before being sealed and banded.  As a final precaution, theouter box is wrapped in a recyclable plastic outer protection sheet to seal allcomponents inside.  This protective layer serves the purpose of containingall parts should the box itself become damaged whilst in transit from us toyou.  The modern Tow-Trust Towbar contains 100% recyclable packagingmeaning that once installation is complete all excess waste can be recycled.

Types Of Towbar

Tow-Trust Towbars manufactures and sells five different Types of towbar.

  • Fixed Flange, the UK’s most accepted type.
  • Fixed Swan neck, a design that is becoming increasingly popular due to its enhanced cosmetic appearance but still being fixed.
  • Vertical Detachable, this high end product is the ultimate giving a full invisible kit when detached on 90% of vehicles deigned and fitted to.
  • Horizontal Detachable, a cost effective detachable system.
  • Built in commercial adjustable height towbars, the ultimate fleet and utility product, giving plus and minus 40mm in towball position from a standard towbar.

Vehicle Specific Wiring Kits

Tow-Trust also supplies a wide choice of electrics to complement our towbar range. This includes a full range of both universal and vehicle specific wiring kits. With the developments in vehicle technology over recent years almost all modern vehicles will require a Vehicle specific wiring kit. Here are some of the related towing systems in a vehicle you may have, which 'need to see' the trailer when it is plugged in:

  • Brake electronics
  • Suspension system (ASS)
  • Engine electronics
  • Engine cooling system
  • Cruise control
  • Parking aids
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