Detachable System

Tow-Trust offer one of the largest ranges of 'swan neck' detachable towbars.  This system offers a removable solution for customers looking to combine a towing facility with maintaining the appearance of their vehicle.

The majority of our 'swan neck' detachable range are 'vertical' (VK) systems which in most cases are
invisible kits that are fully hidden behind the bumper once the detachable neck is removed. Most VK detachable towbars come complete with a single fold away electrical socket plate which enables the towbar electrics to be moved up behind the bumper when not in use. For security purposes, all detachable necks are lockable and come with a set of keys to ensure peace of mind when the vehicle is left with the neck in place. A storage bag is also supplied once the neck is removed for safe keeping.

It is our aim to manufacture all detachables in the VK format due to their neat appearance when the neck is not attached. Unfortunately due to the design of some vehicles, it is not possible for a VK to be designed and fitted. This is usually due to insufficient space behind the bumper for the housing of the neck and the socket plate to be located. In this rare instance we still try to offer a detachable option by designing a 'horizontal' (HK) system. Whilst not being completely invisible this still offers a removable, lockable neck solution that enables customers all the benefits of a detachable system apart from it not being invisible.

The key features of a Tow-Trust detachable system are as follows;

  • Invisible*
  • Easy to use
  • Detachable towball
  • Retractable electric sockets
  • Aesthetically pleasing solution for executive vehicles
  • Increased security (Lockable neck)
  • Full VCA / RDW approval
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Alko compatible
  • Will not affect the reverse sensors once neck is removed

* Please note visibility of towbar and electrics is wholly dependent on vehicle make & model

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