Q. Why do I have to change the housing when I get a new detachable towball?

A. Due to manufacturing differences and tolerances the towball and housing are carefully matched and tested in our suppliers factory (ACS Systems) to make a completely safe and secure detachable system. The parts will also wear in unison through normal use in order to keep tolerances at a minimum and safety guaranteed. When swapping only the towball, for example, they may seem to ‘fit’ or ‘look’ ok but ACS cannot then guarantee the tolerances and the safety.

Being a safety critical item it is important to follow this instruction, so if a new detachable system is purchased it must only be used complete with the housing supplied.

Q. I have bought a vehicle with a Tow-Trust towbar and the towball is missing?

Fixed Towbars:

It is policy not to supply fixed towballs. A fixed towball should never be removed, if it is missing the risk of it having been done so due to impact/accident is too great on a safety critical major component, we recommend replacing the entire towbar for safety.

Detachable Towbars:

In theory it is possible to replace a missing detachable towball system if it has been lost, but due to towbars being safety critical items we ask that you contact your local towbar centre to carry out a safety & maintenance inspection to confirm the safety of your towbar (Safety & Maintenance Check) .

If they are satisfied that the towbar is safe to use they will be able to fit a new detachable system, If any damage is found, or anything that leaves a question of doubt to the safety of the towbar, they will also be able to quote you for a full replacement towbar.

You can find your local towing centre here:  https://tow-trust.co.uk/store_locator

What Universal Electrics Do I Require For My Vehicle?

This is dependent on what you are planning to tow.  Please view the attached chart to help you choose which of the universal electric kits will best suite yours and your vehicles requirements.  For a full description of each kits contents please navigate to our 'Accessories' tab and click on 'Electrics'.  Please note that whilst these kits are suitable for use on some vehicles, it is recommended that they are not fitted to those requiring dedicated vehicle specific electrics (Please visit our 'Vehicle Specific Electric Kits' page under the information Tab on the home page), where there is information detailing those vehicles which may require the vehicle specific electric kit option.

I want to re-fit my original towbar to my new vehicle...

Whilst this process will invalidate your existing warranty with Tow-Trust, re-fitment to your new vehicle is fine provided you are 100% happy with the condition the towbar is in and you are 100% aware of the towing history of the towbar.  We do recommend that all fixings should be replaced with new ones to ensure safe practice.

I want to re-fit a second-hand towbar purchased off the internet....

Here at Tow-Trust it is our policy that we do not recommend the re-fitment of second hand Towbars for the simple reason that you do not know the history of the towbar you are purchasing.  It may seem a cheap means of acquiring a towbar but we cannot stress the importance of such a safety critical item.

Do I need a vehicle specific electric kit fitting?

The choice of which electric kit you opt for (universal or vehicle specific) should be an informed decision made by the customer.  Fitting a vehicle specific kit offers the most reliable type of connection and fits to a point on the vehicle where the manufacturer intends.  Should the vehicle have safety features that need activating once towing, a vehicle specific kit is definitely recommended.  Other factors to consider are the vehicle manufacturer's policy on warranty should a vehicle specific kit not be fitted.  Vehicle specific kits tend to be more expensive than standard universal, however, whilst price will be a consideration for many there is no value you can put on safety.  Please feel free to contact us @  technical@tow-trust.co.uk for further information on your specific vehicle and its requirements.

My vehicle's rear number plate is very low, can I have a towbar fitted?

You can have a towbar fitted to your vehicle provided there is no chance an item such as a number plate, fog light or reflector will be obscured.  If there is a chance a fixed flange towbar will cover any of these you will need to have a detachable towbar fitted as it is illegal to cover these areas of the vehicle.

Can you use drop plates on type approved towbars?

You can NOT fit drop plates to Type Approved towbars as this will invalidate the Type Approval unless the towbar was tested with one.

The towball is too low. What are my options?

It is often the case that one customer's height requirement is different to another depending on what make of trailer or caravan is being towed.  In many instances once a customer doesn't achieve the height they require, it is immediately assumed that it is the towbar that is the problem.  It is possible however that there are reasons for a low towing height that are not a towbar related issue.  Possible reasons include worn suspension that has lowered with time and modified sports suspension that sits lower than standard. You can check your towbar height via loading your vehicle to its laden position, however if you are still unsure please call your local Tow-Trust dealer or alternatively feel free to contact us direct @  technical@tow-trust.co.uk.

What does laden mean when measuring the towball height?

M1 passenger vehicles under 3.5T can be ballasted to either vehicle GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight), or have 68kg placed on each outboard seating position of each row, and 7kg per occupied outboard placed in the luggage area. The other option for M1 passenger vehicles, and for all N1 category vehicles is to ballast the vehicle to GVW, while respecting the maximum axle masses as marked on the vehicle VIN plate.

What height will my towball be?

E.C. directive 94/20 & Reg 55 states that the towball has to finish between the heights of 350mm and 420mm when the vehicle is laden, unless the vehicle manufacturer states otherwise.

What is the maximum weight that my car can tow?

Our website will give you the weight that our towbars are tested to. You will need to refer to your vehicle handbook to get the maximum towing weight for your particular vehicle, as different models of each vehicle will have different towing capacities.

Will my vehicle need a bumper cut?

Wherever possible we will design a towbar without the need for a bumper cut, however this is not always possible. Please refer to our fitting instructions for details on any bumper cuts - any dimensions given are a guide only and may need trimming to suit.

My vehicle is fitted with parking sensors, do I need a detachable towbar?

In most cases, with factory fitted reverse sensors you can have either a fixed or detachable towbar, however there is no guarantee that a fixed towbar would not interfere with the sensors.  If you are unsure if a towbar would affect the operation of your reverse sensors we recommend you install a detachable Towbar.

I have an AL-KO hitch on my caravan, do I need a swan neck towbar?

An AL-KO 'aks' hitch is a trailer/caravan hitch that has friction 'pads' which grip the towball to help reduce sway.  If you have this type of hitch you either need to use a flange towbar with an AL-KO type towball or either a fixed or detachable swan neck towbar. The paint must be removed from the towball surface prior to towing.

I have been told I have to fit the vehicle manufacturer's specified Towbar....is this correct?

This is certainly not correct. Furthermore, fitting a Tow-Trust towbar will  NOT  invalidate your warranty.

Q. How will I tell that the towbar is EC Type Approved?

All Tow-Trust Type Approved Towbars carry a label which provides information such as;

  • Towbar part No.
  • Towbar 'S' value
  • Towbar 'D' value
  • Towbar approval No.
  • Class
Q. Do I have to fit an EC Type Approved towbar?

A. If your passenger vehicle was first registered on or after 1st August 1998 you must fit a Type Approved towbar.  Failing to do so may lead to your prosecution or your insurer failing to pay out should the vehicle be involved in an accident.

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