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Can you use drop plates on type approved towbars?

You can NOT fit drop plates to Type Approved towbars as this will invalidate the Type Approval unless the towbar was tested with one.

Q. How will I tell that the towbar is EC Type Approved?

A. All Tow-Trust Type Approved Towbars carry a label which provides information such as;

  • Description: T:\APPROVAL LABELS.JPGTowbar part No.
  • Towbar 'S' value
  • Towbar 'D' value
  • Towbar approval No.
  • Class

Q. Do I have to fit an EC Type Approved towbar?

A. If your passenger vehicle was first registered on or after 1st August 1998 you must fit a Type Approved towbar.  Failing to do so may lead to your prosecution or your insurer failing to pay out should the vehicle be involved in an accident.