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I want to re-fit my original towbar to my new vehicle...

Whilst this process will invalidate your existing warranty with Tow-Trust, re-fitment to your new vehicle is fine provided you are 100% happy with the condition the towbar is in and you are 100% aware of the towing history of the towbar.  We do recommend that all fixings should be replaced with new ones to ensure safe practice.

I want to re-fit a second-hand towbar purchased off the internet....

Here at Tow-Trust it is our policy that we do not recommend the re-fitment of second hand Towbars for the simple reason that you do not know the history of the towbar you are purchasing.  It may seem a cheap means of acquiring a towbar but we cannot stress the importance of such a safety critical item.

My vehicle's rear number plate is very low, can I have a towbar fitted?

You can have a towbar fitted to your vehicle provided there is no chance an item such as a number plate, fog light or reflector will be obscured.  If there is a chance a fixed flange towbar will cover any of these you will need to have a detachable towbar fitted as it is illegal to cover these areas of the vehicle.

What is the maximum weight that my car can tow?

Our website will give you the weight that our towbars are tested to. You will need to refer to your vehicle handbook to get the maximum towing weight for your particular vehicle, as different models of each vehicle will have different towing capacities.

I have been told I have to fit the vehicle manufacturer's specified this correct?

This is certainly not correct. Furthermore, fitting a Tow-Trust towbar will NOT invalidate your warranty.