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What Universal Electrics Do I Require For My Vehicle?

This is dependent on what you are planning to tow.  Please view the attached chart to help you choose which of the universal electric kits will best suite yours and your vehicles requirements.  For a full description of each kits contents please navigate to our 'Accessories' tab and click on 'Electrics'.  Please note that whilst these kits are suitable for use on some vehicles, it is recommended that they are not fitted to those requiring dedicated vehicle specific electrics (Please visit our 'Vehicle Specific Electric Kits' page under the information Tab on the home page), where there is information detailing those vehicles which may require the vehicle specific electric kit option.

Do I need a vehicle specific electric kit fitting?

The choice of which electric kit you opt for (universal or vehicle specific) should be an informed decision made by the customer.  Fitting a vehicle specific kit offers the most reliable type of connection and fits to a point on the vehicle where the manufacturer intends.  Should the vehicle have safety features that need activating once towing, a vehicle specific kit is definitely recommended.  Other factors to consider are the vehicle manufacturer's policy on warranty should a vehicle specific kit not be fitted.  Vehicle specific kits tend to be more expensive than standard universal, however, whilst price will be a consideration for many there is no value you can put on safety.  Please feel free to contact us @ for further information on your specific vehicle and its requirements.