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Q. Why do I have to change the housing when I get a new detachable towball?

A. Due to manufacturing differences and tolerances the towball and housing are carefully matched and tested in our suppliers factory (ACS Systems) to make a completely safe and secure detachable system. The parts will also wear in unison through normal use in order to keep tolerances at a minimum and safety guaranteed. When swapping only the towball, for example, they may seem to ‘fit’ or ‘look’ ok but ACS cannot then guarantee the tolerances and the safety.

Being a safety critical item it is important to follow this instruction, so if a new detachable system is purchased it must only be used complete with the housing supplied.

My vehicle is fitted with parking sensors, do I need a detachable towbar?

In most cases, with factory fitted reverse sensors you can have either a fixed or detachable towbar, however there is no guarantee that a fixed towbar would not interfere with the sensors.  If you are unsure if a towbar would affect the operation of your reverse sensors we recommend you install a detachable Towbar.